RayGuard Chip – 2pack


Product Description

Swiss made 

Easily attaches to the back of a cell phone, laptop, wi-fi router and other electronic devices. Get a pair for your personal items!

Each chip – dimensions 1″ x 1″

RayGuard® – the Human Firewall

RayGuard® is a «human firewall« that can protect and strengthen us against many negative side effects of our modern lifestyle. Ancient knowledge about the enormous potency of plants, minerals, metals and the technical know-how of RayGuard® form the basis for the production and distribution of the RayGuard® products. The minerals and metals are finely ground and combined in specific proportions.

RayGuard® products have been amongst the most innovative of its kind on the market for more than 20 years.


Properties of  RayGuard®:

  • RayGuard® harmonizes a large portion of the harmful radiation through the proven natural vibrations of  several different minerals.
  • By harmonizing non-ionizing radiation, the risk of opening the blood-brain barrier can be reduced.
  • RayGuard® strengthens the meridians (energy paths) in the human body through the physical power of the mineral rocks and crystals, thus protecting them against external influences, such as electrosmog, and stabilizing the immune system.
  • The effect of RayGuard® contributes to relaxation and well-being.
  • RayGuard® can contribute to a healthy and restful sleep, as evidenced by numerous testimonials. Science defines sleep as a periodically occurring state of dimi´nished susceptibility to external stimuli. Sensitivity to the environment is reduced. One processes experiences in the sleep and the body regenerates itself. Sleep is recreation. But what happens when the sleep is disturbed by external stimuli and it is a permanent condition? Research has shown that sleep deprivation over an extended period of time has a negative effect on the human organism and its functions.

Get Peace Of Mind with RayGuard