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Growing up in Switzerland, we were raised to be aware of our environment from a young age. Paper has always been recycled as far as I can remember. Batteries were dropped off at the electronic store and glass bottles were returned to the grocery for credit. We enjoyed clean air and a healthy way of life, never littered and always felt a responsibility towards nature and the outdoors.

I emigrated to the USA some 30 years ago to make my life in the United States. While I happily adapted to American living and embraced the opportunities granted in the USA (married, bought a house, had a child, opened a business), I also came to realize that we often act destructive towards nature and all the living things that dwell in forests, rivers or where they have a habitat – putting profit ahead of our most precious resources and showing neither respect nor responsibility to what we are entrusted to hand over to our children.

Over the past 2 decades, I have enjoyed and observed the rapid growth and spread of mobile technology and seen the many cell towers go up both in urban as well as in rural areas – who does not want to be connected of course?

Since the advent of the original Radio over 100 years ago, we have added countless other of means of transmitting information via electromagnetic impulses. Radar, Sonar, Radio, 3G, 4G and 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Satellite conncections and many other technologies are in constant use around us.

Just as any clear minded individuals would never buy a home close to a power line, so must we all consider the electrical rays that are surrounding us. When an XRay technician tells patients to protect their reproductive organs and other parts of their body by using and protective apron, they are avoiding potential danger: living organisms are not meant to be exposed repeatedly to electronic waves.

The visceral understanding of this “Electrosmog” seems deeply shared among all I talk to about our product. People seem concerned about the unknown effects of the technology we carry around day and night. There exists a debate between the proof of danger of overexposure and clear evidence of the lack of harmfulness… ¬†with one side having much to gain. Cellphones and related technology are essential and consumers are eager to purchase, sending stocks high and making investors and shareholders happy and wealthy.

My basic mistrust of big business has led me to believe that “absence of science” does not guarantee safety and needs to be studied more closely. One could compare the “harmlessness” of electro smog to Vaping which was once deemed innocuous and yet has turned out to be much more unsafe and unhealthy than we were led to believe. The FDA approved these cigarette alternative devices without any clear understanding of the products effects – but it was good for business.

So were products like DDT, Lead Based Paint and Asbestos – deemed safe, used a lot, advertised, promoted and approved…Until the results were in. I have even seen ads from the 50’s where doctor’s advise to smoke certain cigarettes. Much we have learned since and often too late!

Most of us carry a cell phone in our coats, pockets, purses, backpacks or handbags without ever questioning the fact that there is constant interaction between WiFi, Bluetooth, Cell Towers and Satellites. Our phones are busy sending and receiving signals – to the point of heating up when using a Map or Direction service while walking or driving! Even a prolonged phone call can leave your ear hot and tingling and a great number of people have switched to using headphones or ear buds.

Many scientist worldwide are calling for caution and there is growing evidence that human cells can be damaged or altered by prolonged exposure. A letter to the UN has been crafted by notable scientists, diplomats and politicians warning against the effect of 5G electromagnetic exposure (https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Scientist-5G-appeal-2017.pdf). There is a growing concern from citizens and various entities of government regarding the construction of 5G cell phone equipment in neighborhoods and townships (https://www.5gappeal.eu/april-2018-5g-will-generate-significantly-higher-radiation-a-major-health-concern/).

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – isn’t that why we have and pay for car alarms, house alarms, get insurance of all kinds or take vitamins and supplements? It is for exactly this reason that I was drawn to the the Ray Guard Chip as a way of protecting myself and those I care for from the potential harm from the very equipment we can no longer do without. The RayGuard Chip is easy to use and provides a piece of mind, and is affordable to anyone.

I thank you for sharing my concern and hope you will take the opportunity to review our product and all the testimonial.

Be well!

Erich Soldat

Erich, Teri & Juliana Soldat

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