excerpt from the NIH
  • Why is there concern that cell phones may cause cancer or other health problems?
  • What is radiofrequency radiation and how does it affect the human body?
  • How is radiofrequency radiation exposure measured in epidemiologic studies?
  • What has epidemiologic research shown about the association between cell phone use and cancer risk?
  • What are the findings from experimental studies?
  • Why are the findings from different studies of cell phone use and cancer risk inconsistent?
  • What are other possible health effects from cell phone use?
  • What have expert organizations said about the cancer risk from cell phone use?
  • What studies are under way that will help further our understanding of the possible health effects of cell phone use?
  • Has radiofrequency radiation from cell phone use been associated with cancer risk in children?
  • What can cell phone users do to reduce their exposure to radiofrequency radiation?
  • Where can I find more information about radiofrequency radiation from my cell phone?
  • How common is brain cancer? Has the incidence of brain cancer changed over time?

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