Many scientist worldwide are calling for caution and there is growing evidence that human cells can be damaged or altered by prolonged exposure. A letter to the UN has been crafted by notable scientists, diplomats and politicians warning against the effect of 5G electromagnetic exposure. Below is an excerpt. Read the full Letter here:

Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

September 13, 2017

We the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium
on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human
health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G
will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G,
3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for
humans and the environment.

5G leads to massive increase of mandatory exposure to wireless radiation

5G technology is effective only over short distance. It is poorly transmitted through solid material.
Many new antennas will be required and full-scale implementation will result in antennas every 10 to 12
houses in urban areas, thus massively increasing mandatory exposure.

… Read the full Letter here: