It’s important to consider that the Mobile Phone industry is evolving technology at a rapid rate and safety testing is not being performed with each new iteration.  This article from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is very concerning:

“… research by Russian scientist Igor Belyaev, Ph.D., and Turkish researcher Nesrin Seyhan, Ph.D., shows that radiation emitted from portable devices may damage DNA and disrupt the process of DNA repair.

These studies, presented earlier this week at a forum hosted by the Environmental Health Trust in Washington, suggest a mechanism by which cell phone radiation may contribute to cancer, since DNA damage and the inability to repair it properly are associated with carcinogenesis.

Another study by Dr. Hugh Taylor, a physician specializing in reproductive health at the Yale University School of Medicine,  implicated cell phone radiation in abnormal nervous system development and behavior in rodents.   After placing cell phones above the cages of pregnant mice, he found that their offspring showed decreased memory and increased hyperactivity.  These results complement research by  Süleyman Kaplan, a Turkish scientist and professor, showing that prenatal exposure to cell phone radiation reduces the number of nerve cells and affects the structure of rat brains…”

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