Protect Yourself & Others From Cell-Phone Radiation and Electrosmog

Our Swiss Made Chip is a safe, easy and effective way to give you peace of mind!

RayGuard Chip

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Electromagnetic smog is everywhere around us.

Cell phones, computers, wi-fi, blue tooth, wireless devices, routers and more all emit their own type of radiation. These waves interfere with the human body, disturb cell structures or even interfere with proper blood flow. The RayGuard Chip is a simple and easy way to absorb and cancel what can be potentially harmful.

Application of the RayGuard Chip

Just peel the backing off the chip and put it on the back of your phone, laptop, tablet… It will fit underneath all protective covers and cases!

One RayGuard Chip
for a Cell Phone

To Install
Clean and dry the surface of your device before attaching the RayGuard Chip.

Two RayGuard Chips
for a Laptop or Tablet

Peel off the backing of the adhesive sticker and attach the RayGuard Chip to your mobile phone, computer or laptop

Here’s What People Are Saying About RayGuard


My energy levels and endurance have increased significantly after starting wearing RayGuard body &car when exercising and biking. Earlier on I experienced a tiredness and burn out, and often I had to quit before finishing training. When I started to wear RayGuard it changed outstandingly. Now I go easily for another round – and my training partner is impressed by my increased energy.

-T. Jensen, TV-producer, teacher


I experience stillness in the body system, inner   peace, balance in body and mind plus greater  well-being with RayGuard. I respond to electrical articles when not having it with me. A pricking  sensation in my body. It protects me when I  carry it on me. I sleep well and have increased energy levels. RayGuard is excellent.

-S.C. Phil, biopath, Healer


I am very happy with my RayGuard. I bring it to work. I feel much more clear in my head, and can think again, and  start to feel my emotions. My energy field is  much more calm. I have flashes of presence.  I’m significantly less sensitive to noise. I know  that EMF has affected my life and physical well-being.

-L. Olesen, Nurse

And here is how the RayChip works:

Made in Switzerland

The RayGuard Chip was developed in Switzerland and has been sold in Europe and other countries for several years. It contains several ultra thin layers of both Minerals and Crystals from the Alps as well as a mixture of various Metals.

We chose The Flower of Life as the design for our chips. It is the physical representation of the connections that we feel to all living things. The symbol is found in nearly every culture on the planet and is believed to represent the cycle of life. An important aspect of this shape is its display of how everything is interconnected.

We are pleased to be able to bring this wonderful product to the American Market and hope to help everyone feel more comfortable using today’s indispensable technology.

Get Peace Of Mind with RayGuard